Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol HD

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

MIssion Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol (2011) ปฎิบัติการไร้เงา

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol IMF Agent Trevor Hanaway is murdered in Budapest. Sabine Moreau murders Hanaway, and steals the data file that holds Russian launch codes to sell it to a man named “Cobalt “.

Ethan Hunt, an IMF agent, is being held in Moscow’s prison to find Bogdan, who is a source of details about Cobalt. Jane Carter, Hanaway’s handler and the newly-appointed field agent Benji Dan, aid Hunt as well as Bogdan escape. Hunt’s team must then be released from the mission when an insider exposes them. A bomb shatters much of the Kremlin. Carter and Dunn get away, however Hunt is arrested and is arrested with murder by SVR agent Anatoly Sidorov with the destruction of the Kremlin.

Hunt is able to escape and attends an encounter with the IMF Secretary who is located in Moscow with his assistant and the analyst for intelligence, William Brandt. Russian authorities dissentrate Hunt and tell Hunt that President Obama wrote the “Ghost Protocol”. They condemn the IMF however, in secret Hunt is ordered to pursue his hunt to find Cobalt. Hunt is taken captive by Sidorov’s soldierswho murder the Secretary. Hunt and Brandt escape and return to Carter, Dunn and the other members of their intelligence. Hunt and Brandt identify Cobalt as Kurt Hendricks (a Swedish-born Russian nuclear strategist who wants to start the process of launching an nuclear war between the United States and Russia). Hendricks utilized the Kremlin bombings to conceal the theft of a Russian launch control device. He plans to make trade deals with Moreau at the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, to obtain the launch codes.

IMF group intercepts launch codes, posing to appear to be Hunt and Brandt to get the codes from Moreau. Carter who is on the same floor, is dressed up as Moreau, and gives fake codes to Wistrom, Lisenker, and Brandt.

With the help of Bogdan, Ethan finds a new source of information by engaging with an arms dealer The Fog as Carter and Dunn fight Brandt who was fighting with extraordinary skill in Dubai. Brandt acknowledges that he asked to be dismissed from duty in the field due to being assigned to a security unit. Ethan did not protect Julia Meade, Ethan’s ex-wife ). Hunt who was murdered by Serbian criminals

Ethan is led by Fog towards Mumbai. Hendricks will then meet with Brij Nath (an Indian media tycoon) in order to obtain control of an older Soviet military satellite. Carter is enticed by Nath in order to get the Satellite override code. Hunt, Brandt, and Dunn attempt to stop Hendricks from using Nath’s radio station. They’re too late, as Hendricks has already sent the launch codes to a Russian Delta III nuclear submarine, which is able to launch an attack on San Francisco, and has also shut down Nath’s computer systems. Carter, Brandt and Dunn battle to get the system back online and send the override code, during which they engage in a war of fighting with Wistrom who eventually gets killed by Dunn. Hunt follows Hendricks to the vending machine in his car and fights with him. Hendricks jumps to his death by launching his device just before the missile hits. Brandt’s group gets the system operational, and Hunt is able to make a dangerous fall to deactivate the missile while the dying Hendricks is watching. Sidorov is on the scene to find that the IMF was not the intended for the Kremlin bombing.

The group gathers in Seattle following Ethan takes on a new assignment from Luther Stickell. Brandt confesses to Ethan about his inability to safeguard Julia. Ethan, however is able to reveal the truth about her “death” and how the killing of the Serbians were an attempt to create a new identity. This was also employed as a cover to get him into prison in order to find Bogdan.

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